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Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of Georgia to Romania,


Georgia and Romania have many things in common, including the history and geography. The location of our countries near the Black Sea coast naturally connects these two nations and force us to fully utilize the potential of our geopolitical location.

Romanian and Georgian people are also united by the Orthodox religion and culture, common European values. Choice of our ancestors predetermined of our nation's historical destiny. Saint Anthim the Iberian is a symbol of centenary friendship between Georgians and Romanians and his figure is equally well respected both in Romania and Georgia. Great Georgian poet and a public figure, Besarion Gabashvili found his eternal rest in the Romanian city of Iași.

In the new era, the common spirit of our two nations has been expressed through the aspiration towards democracy and independence. Romania was the first country in August 27, 1991 to recognize the independence of Georgia, but the state relationships had begun much earlier: in 1919, the Diplomatic Mission of the Democratic Republic of Georgia was functioning under the governance of the famous political figure Sosipatre Asatiani. The Mission also included T. Mikheil Pagava - Military Attaché and Anton Karpovich - Secretary of the Embassy. The Diplomatic Mission was located on Bucharest's central street, Calea Victoria, in the Hotel MAJESTIC. On May 25, 2018, within the framework of the 100th anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, the Embassy of Georgia in Romania, together with Romanian officials, organized an official opening ceremony of a commemorative plaque at the building of the above mentioned hotel.

The Diplomatic Mission of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia established close relations with the political and cultural elite of Romania and mass media. As the result, in February 1922, before the occupation by Bolshevik Russia, Romania recognized the independence of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. In 2018, the 25th anniversary from the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between two countries was solemnly celebrated.

Since 1992, bilateral relations between our countries has been developing dynamically. Many high-level visits were paid, as well as intensive collaboration between the sectoral ministries. Today, both sides openly declare that it is right time to move on to the new stage of cooperation - to the level of strategic relations.

Romania is a respected member of the EU and NATO. Georgia has signed "Association Agreement" with the European Union and is a NATO aspirant country. The Georgian people and the Government are doing their best to be returned to the European family in order to develop in a free and democratic environment. It is a noteworthy fact that Romania is one of the strongest supporters of Georgia in this aspiration.

Belonging to the common geographical, historical and cultural area of ​​the Black Sea creates a great precondition for Georgia and Romania in the field of tourism, which is one of the fastest growing sector of the Georgian economy. It is a great pleasure to see the increasing number of Romanians visiting my country, which was significantly stimulated by the appearance of the direct flight between two capitals by Romanian "Tarom Airlines" from October 31, 2018. This will intensify relationships between the people working in business, academic and cultural areas that will make even closer 300 years friendly relations between two nations.

Nikoloz Nikolozishvili
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary